Malaysian Psychotherapy Association (MPA) or the Persatuan Psikoterapi Malaysia is a professional body for practicing psychotherapists. The Malaysian Psychotherapy Association was founded in 2002 (Malaysian Registrar of Society Approval Number 1741).

Practitioner members of MAP are professionally certified to practice as psychotherapists by the Malaysian Society for Complementary Medicine which maintains a directory of professional practitioners.

Practitioner members of MPA are professionally certified to practice as psychotherapists by the Malaysian Society of Complementary Therapy (MSCT). THE MSCT works under the umbrella of the Malaysian Ministry of Health to ensure that psychotherapy is regulated in an ethical and professional manner.

Psychotherapy is widely seen as a form of therapeutic treatment that helps an individual to resolve the psychological problem or disease on the long term basis because it addresses the underlying and emotional cause of the problem.
Psychotherapy has a long history behind it, from the time of Freud to the present time. Itís claim to respectability within the medical and scientific community has also been fairly established now with the advent of rigorous modern therapy such as cognitive behavioural therapy and psychodynamic therapy. These therapies have generated a wealth of research to substantiate the efficacy of the therapies.

Psychotherapy today is used not only for treating illnesses but also for prevention of mental illness and stress, as well as for general emotional and personal growth and well being.

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3rd International Conference of Psychotherapy, Counseling & Psychiatry:
Theories, Research & Clinical Practice

In Conjunction with the International Autistic Spectrum Disorders Conference (IASDC) Malaysia 2019
Date: 23-27 & 29 March 2019

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